ChuChum Chilli!




The Original Chu-Chum - Red Chilli Sauce

Danish made gourmet chilli sauce based on fresh produce like Chilies, garlic and ginger.

The original Chu-Chum - The Real Chilli Sauce is made with inspiration from the Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines providing a perfect blend of rich scents and savory soft flavors plus the right amount of heat without blowing your lid off.

Chu-Chum is an oil based gourmet sauce that makes it easy to use in all types of cooking

Application suggestions:

directly from the glass as Accessories
in Marinades
for the Grill
for Salads
in Dressings & Dips

 - your imagination sets the limits.

Chu-Chum comes in 270 mL glass jars - Enough for quite a while - for most :-)

Chu-Chum is medium hot, and keeps the power from the first to the last mouthful.

Store Chu-Chum and cool before opening - and must be kept cold (refrigerator max +5 degrees) after opening.
From time to time when we produce Chu-Chum heat can vary slightly as the hotness of the chillis depend on sun exposure and can vary

 - But you can be sure that it is always good !