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Belize Style Yellow Habanero Chilli Sauce

indispensable and essential element for the chili-gourmets palate 

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Belize Style Yellow Habanero Chilli Sauce is a liquid chilli sauce. It is hot! The color is soft golden-yellow with red flakes. 
Belize is very aromatic and can not be compared with other types of liquid chilli sauce, although it can easily replace many of them. 
A special feature of ChuChum's Belize 
Style Yellow Habanero Chilli Sauce - the flowery and citrus flavors of the Habanero Chillies are very well preserved. 

Belize comes in a bottle, with approx. 150ml. - Enough for quite a while - for most :-) 

Belize is very hot, the strength is sustained from the first to the last drop. 

Belize should be stored dark and cool before opening and cold (refrigerator max +5 degrees) after opening. 

From time to time when we produce Belize strength can vary slightly as the power of chilli are depending on the season. But you can be sure that it is always good!