ChuChum Chilli!


Distributors Wanted!

Allright. We make unique artisanal high quality chili products, with a focus on fresh ingredients, great taste and just the right amount of heat from the chilies.

For many years we have been making our favorite Chili paste, working our way into the Danish consumer mindset, and their shopping basket. Along the way landing nation-wide distribution agreements with high street retailers Meny and Dansk Supermarked Group.

But we have ambitions to reach beyond our own borders, and in order to achieve this we are searching worldwide for distributors / retail chains that would be interrested in working with us to bring our products to market outside Denmark.

If you are one such distributor, importer, retail chain - we really want to hear from you, If you know somebody that fits the bill, tell them about us  we would really appreciate the help. You can contact us at or